10th Literary Contest
“Scrivi l’amore – Premio Mario Berrino”
2017 edition


Clause 1
The topic of the contest is Love.
The authors must comply with the contest theme.

Clause 2
The contest is open to people who would like to give their contribution.
Contest categories are:
1. Poem
2. Letter or short text in Italian or in a foreign language, with author’s Italian translation attached. The length of the text must not exceed 500 words.

Maximum only one unpublished work for each competitor is permitted.
Definition of unpublished: never published and never awarded or presented in other contests.
There are two categories:
– Adult (from 18 years old)
– Young (up to 17 years old, by 15/01/2017)

Clause 3
The literary works, without any signature or other signs of recognition (shall be invalid), must be sent from Monday 3nd October 2016 up to Sunday 15th January 2017, specifying the category.
Only the works absolutely delivered by the deadline of this contest announcement will be accepted.
The works can be delivered both by the form on the website www.amicimarioberrino.it and sent by e-mail to concorso@amicimarioberrino.it.
The attendance form duly filled out, must be attached to the work. The attendance form can be downloaded from the website www.amicimarioberrino.it.
Both manuscripts and typewritten documents will be accepted. As far as manuscripts are concerned, they should be in block letters.
Amici di Mario Berrino association is in charge of works reception and cataloguing management. The association guarantees the anonymity, during the transmission to the jury.

Clause 4
The works, which must absolutely be a figment of participants’ imagination, will be submitted to the judgment of a specially formed jury, according to “Jury’s composition and tasks” guidelines.
The winning work will be awarded during the FINALE of the contest, which will be held on SUNDAY 12th February 2017 in Ispra, at 16.00 in a suitable location.
During the finale will be announced the best works that will have participated in the contest.
The participation in the final ceremony neither commits the association to reimbursement of expenses nor involves any duties by the organizers in relation to participants.

Clause 5
First, second and third classified of adult category will be awarded for each one of the two categories in the competition for each section of both categories: the first classified works, for both sections of adult category, will receive the Mario Berrino prize; the first classified works, for both sections of young category, will receive the Mario Berrino Giovani prize.
The jury have the right to assign “mentions” to particularly deserving documents.
The third Sunday in September, the two new tiles (adults category two winning sections) will be placed on the Muretto delle Poesie of Passeggiata dell’amorealong Ispra road round the lake, with the current year winning document works.

Clause 6
The judgment of the jury is unquestionable.
Participating to the contest, the authors accept the rules of the procedure, maintain the property of the work, but authorize the free publication, the diffusion and the non-profit use of the work, together with their own personal data.
The presented works will not be returned and they can be freely used, without time limits and remuneration to the authors.
The organizers refuse any responsibility as far as postal mistakes, losses, possible plagiarisms, false attestations,  third party’s privacy violation or any other act, which is not in compliance with the current regulations and made by the authors,  are concerned.
The authors give their consent to the use of their personal data, protected by D. Lgs 196/2003.
The works and participants’ personal data will be conserved by Amici di Mario Berrino association for all legal purposes.
The participation to this competition announcement is forbidden both for event organizers and for those who manage works reception and cataloguing, on behalf of Amici di Mario Berrino association.